My work humorously explores themes of mortality, the nature of self-reflection, human relationships, and the passage of time. Working from a large collection of found objects amassed over two decades, I search for the expressive possibilities arising from a mass of inanimate debris, then create small tableaux which I photograph in the manner of luxury goods. The resulting large-scale still life images’ sensuous tactile qualities refer to the physical nature of experience while simultaneously offering entry into an elegantly ordered interior world. 

My artistic practice has been uniquely informed by my commercial work as a still life product photographer, editorial portraitist, and documenter of other artists' work . This work represents a synthesis of all three genres, merged with elements of Northern California Assemblage and Southern California Conceptualism.  

The technical structures of the photographic composition and tonality work together to create and support an internal logic, a scaffold for daydreams, composed from almost nothing, about... almost everything. Both the physical compositions and the logic are fragile constructions, and this fragility echoes what it is to be human.